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Well, that 100-month sentence that James W. Bolt received back in 2014 didn’t turn out to be the life sentence he expected it to be.

Bolt, a career criminal who is now 67 years old, was released from supervision by the federal Bureau of Prisons on Oct. 16.

Bolt, of Rogers, pleaded guilty to using phony documents, forged signatures, fake notary seals and fictitious people to steal some $2.5 million in unclaimed assets being held by the states of California and Nevada.

When U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks of Fayetteville gave him a sentence that was 29 months longer than the standard guideline range, Bolt, with a laundry list of medical complaints, said it was “essentially a life sentence.”

If you run into him, remember that he was also convicted in 1976 of impersonating an officer in Oklahoma, in 1983 of mail fraud and making false statements to a federally insured bank, and in 1992 of theft by deception.

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