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CaseStack Sees Success Through Service, Experience

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CaseStack is a service provider for transportation, warehousing, and software services. Since the company does not own any assets, employees are CaseStack’s No. 1 asset. Therefore, the company is centered around making employees happy so that they have happy customers. Happy employees, equate to better and more productive work, which equates to more satisfied customers.

CaseStack is the leading supply chain services provider for consumer packaged goods companies that leverages collaborative retailer consolidation programs and cloud-based technology solutions. Founded in 1999, CaseStack currently has 311 employees company-wide and 145 in the Fayetteville office.

What sets CaseStack apart from other businesses in its field begins with a culture that focuses on the employees. Ensuring that CaseStack has the right employees who are satisfied with being in the right roles, ultimately ensures the best experience for customers.

Neat Things We Do
CaseStack has numerous company functions including outings to professional baseball games, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, Poor Man’s Fridays, Bowling Night and a softball team. The biggest events are company cookouts to celebrate the kickoff of football season or tipoff of March Madness where it does a crawfish and shrimp boil or cooks chicken, burgers, and brats, plus all the sides.

Building up their team is simply a part of their DNA.

“Time has taught us that providing good employee welfare and morale building activities keeps our employees engaged, happy, and allows us to retain the best talent in the industry, which allows us to offer the best service, which allows us to continue to grow and be successful,” said Colby Beland, vice president of sales and marketing.

Retaining employees allows the company to have experience at every position. Experience and knowledge allow CaseStack the ability to offer the best service, which allows the company to grow and be successful.

CaseStack provides sustainable logistics, including transportation and warehousing solutions that eliminate systemic waste and optimize supply chain performance. By consolidating less-than-truckloads into full trucks, CaseStack reduces costs, improves on-time performance and minimizes damages.

“Our culture is centered around the why, not the what, the how, the when. It’s the why. Why do we come to work? It’s because of our customers. Why do we do what we do? We do what we do to take care of our customers. Why? Because we believe we have the best solutions and services in the industry. Why? Because we believe bigger things are on the horizon. Why? Because we believe we are going to disrupt the industry.”
Colby Beland, vice president of sales and marketing

CaseStack has offices in Fayetteville, Santa Monica, Calif.; Cincinnati; Minneapolis; Seattle; and warehouses in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Scranton, Pa.; and Ontario, Canada.

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