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Chris Moses: Moses Tucker Partners

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Chris Moses

Principal, President & CEO, Moses Tucker Partners

In college, Chris Moses wasn’t sure whether Moses Tucker Partners would ever grow to its current size.

“I actually wrote my thesis in grad school on this [the potential growth of Moses Tucker], and at the time, we were a small development company that did downtown Little Rock work pretty much exclusively.”

When Moses became president and CEO of Moses Tucker Partners in 2016, the company had about 800,000 SF. Now, Moses Tucker is approaching 11 million. 

The commercial real estate company is the second-largest commercial management and brokerage service in the state. Despite having such a large business on his shoulders, Moses has no trouble finding enjoyment in his work.

A large chunk of Moses Tucker’s portfolio includes the reselling of older buildings, and Moses never gets tired of seeing the old turned new again. 

“It’s what I love to do. That’s probably why I got into the business,” he said.

Moses goes to work each day looking forward to what the company will accomplish. Considering Moses Tucker’s plans, that could mean a lot in the near future.

“We’re announcing a new office soon in a state along the East Coast for capital market-oriented deals,” Moses said. “Piggybacking off that, we’re going to continue to add offices throughout the Mid-south and Southeast over the next five to 10 years.”

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