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Class Chairman Letter

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When you received the invitation to participate in Class XXXIX of the Little Rock Regional Chamber’s Leadership Greater Little Rock program, did you know what was in store for you this year? I’m sure you’ve heard great things about the program, I’m sure you were encouraged to apply, but what did you imagine? Here’s what I knew: that the group of impressive, accomplished, diverse, committed leaders assembled for this class would become an asset to the community because of their participation.

As I promised you at the announcement, through the course of the year, you have learned about yourself, you have learned about your classmates, and you have learned about the community. You have developed a strong bond with each other as friends and a network of trusted resources across all sectors of our community. You have developed a pride in our community and a passion for the future and success of our region. What you’ve gained will benefit you in life and career. What we as a community have gained is engaged, knowledgeable, connected citizens, which are invaluable resources.

Let me suggest how you go forward from this class experience:

Stay aware. Keep learning and listening. Be interested in community news and how it relates to all you’ve learned.  Grow in your connections and deepen your knowledge of issues. Use each other.

Look for your fit. You learned that leadership is important in all sectors and at all levels of community, and that no one position is supreme. Wherever you find yourself, your unique skills and influence can make a difference.

Use your resources. You’ve made so many connections – to your class and in the sessions. Stay connected, be supportive, call on each other.

Engage! Stay plugged in. Participate, support, recreate, dine, shop, attend and promote. Put your time and resources back into what you’ve seen that you love and believe in. Invite others to join you.

Thank you to the Little Rock Regional Chamber for continuing to invest in the program. We appreciate the Chamber’s leadership and especially Kellen Davis’ commitment to keep the quality of programming first class.

Thank you to the Sponsors. We know you understand the benefit of the program to the community and to your businesses, and we greatly appreciate your investment in the success of the program.

Thank you to the members of Class XXXIX for the time and effort you and your families and your businesses committed to completing the year. I’ve been thrilled to walk with you through the year – and get to know you all and see you experience the sessions. You’ll reap benefits long after this year is over.

We live in a great time, in a great place, with great people. Go make it all greater!

Suzanne Peyton, Class 39 Chair

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