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Cloud Computing Not So Stormy (Reader Feedback)

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You can’t believe everything you read. This is the case with a column in the Sept. 30 issue of Arkansas Business, titled “Moving Businesses to the Cloud Complicates IT.” The column states: “Cheaper and easier cloud computing options from big companies like … Microsoft … are making it simpler for businesses to eliminate physical servers, but are complicating the jobs of local information technology firms.”

There is nothing further from the truth. Just as information technology has allowed businesses to increase efficiencies and performance, cloud computing has done so exponentially, and for IT firms as well. Cloud computing makes in-house server technology seem like the paper and pencil days of the past. And it makes the work we used to do seem like ditch digging.

The article went on [quoting Brendan Jacobson, director of managed services sales at Netgain]: “If you move your stuff to Microsoft … you’re at the mercy of Microsoft’s pace at that time.” What he’s saying is that Microsoft Office 365 has all the control. Again, this is simply not true. With Microsoft Office 365 you’re in the “driver’s seat.” Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses the solutions and flexibility they need to operate and compete in today’s technology-driven environment. This is true whether a business is small or large.

Microsoft Office 365 offers many of the services that once cost a small business approximately $10,000 to set up and support for about $30 per user each month. It provides:

  • Secure access to your software 24/7 over the Internet from any location in the world; all you need is your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection.
  • Calendar and email access so your staff can stay in sync with enterprise-grade email and shared calendars that they can access at their desk or from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
  • Document sharing and protection, allowing you to store and access your files securely on the cloud. You can also set security permissions for viewing or editing for individual staff members as you wish. And you can also make and view real-time changes to documents so users see the changes immediately.
  • Security that can be as strict or as lenient as you wish, with Microsoft taking all the responsibility for reliability and security.

And can you believe Arkansas Business printed this next statement [again quoting Jacobson]: “When you go to Microsoft, you’re a little fish in a big pond.” Honestly, do you really care about this if you have the reliability and efficiency you need, along with the backing of a company like Microsoft?

With Microsoft Office 365 you can be assured that your cloud services will always be available and that you’ll have access to state-of-the-art technologies. And with a reliable and knowledgeable IT provider like Procyon Solutions on your side, you have the added protection and assurance you need to ensure your business will be up and running 24/7.

Keith Jetton

Procyon Solutions

Little Rock

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