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Connect America Funds Disbursed to Windstream

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The Federal Communications Commission recently announced it would disburse $60.7 million of the Connect America Fund to Little Rock’s Windstream Holdings Inc.

The FCC’s distribution represents some of the $123 million Windstream said it would match as part of the funding. The fund is intended to allow large telecoms to extend broadband coverage to under-served rural areas that would otherwise be too expensive for the telecoms to service.

“Windstream is pleased that the FCC has begun to distribute funding under the second round of CAF phase I,” said Eric N. Einhorn, Windstream’s senior vice president of government affairs and strategy, in a released statement. “Combined with Windstream’s equal investment, this money will enable Windstream to begin deploying robust broadband to more than 100,000 locations in rural and high-cost areas. Windstream looks forward to working with the commission for the release of the rest of its elected support so that many more citizens and small businesses can gain access to high-speed Internet service and all the benefits it brings.”

CAF support for this disbursal totaled $255 million. Besides Windstream’s $60.7 million, other portions included $94.7 million to AT&T; $39.7 million to CenturyLink; $2.89 million to FairPoint Communications; and $57.6 million to Frontier Communications.

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