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Construction of Movie Theater Underway in Jonesboro

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Haag Brown Commercial announced last week that Cinema Management Group has gained approval to complete the construction of its University 16 Cinema at 5650 E. Johnson Ave. in Jonesboro.

Construction is set to begin immediately, with the opening scheduled in May.

Haag Brown helped CMG purchase the 10.75-acre project in 2014 for about $1.75 million.

“Getting a project of this type off the ground takes time, lots of time. The approval process in the theater business must be long and vigorous,” Joshua Brown, principal at Haag Brown, said in a news release. “With the lot sitting practically untouched for so long, a lot of people thought the project would never happen. Not only is it happening, it is going to be huge.”

According to Haag Brown, the 16-screen theater will offer area patrons the most dynamic screen presentation available and an “unparalleled” sight and sound experience.

Other features include multiple ticket stations, an automated ticket machine to shorten ticket lines, reclining seats with increased leg room and improved accessibility, the ability to order food and drinks from your seat, a full refreshment center with an expanded menu and a video arcade.

The University 16 Cinema will also be the first entertainment destination retail project in this market, according to the release.

“In the last 5 years, we have completed over 20 projects along Highway 49 north between Hilltop and the Farville Curve,” Brown said. “This project is exactly what we’ve been needing to attract and secure some restaurants and retailers that have been reluctant to commit to the market. We have several properties available surrounding this development and we expect more businesses to move to the area in the near future.”

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