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Cooper Communities A Family Enterprise for Over 50 Years

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Cooper Communities Inc. of Rogers — along with its assorted subsidiaries such as Cooper Land Development, Cooper Homes and Cooper Realty Investment — really is a family business.

SVP Neff Basore, 61, is a cousin of CEO John Cooper III, grandson of the founder. Basore said he started at the company picking up trash and working on sewer pipelines at the company’s properties.

“I took great pleasure at the age of 25 watching my young cousin, shovel over his back, walking down the street digging ditches,” said Basore, referring to Cooper III. “John Jr. called one of our construction vice presidents up and said he needed to get John a job this summer. ‘What’s the worst job you have and I just want to pay him half of what you’re paying everybody else.’”

John III said digging ditches wasn’t even the worst job he had. When he was young, his grandfather had him work on his ranch.

“We would go through a field and pick up rocks, anything bigger than a cantaloupe, and we would throw it in the back of a dump truck,” Cooper said. “They would take a brush hog through the field. I did that for a summer.”

The work ethic came in handy when he was working with his dad, Cooper said. John Jr. could be hard to impress.

“Even up to three years ago, if I brought him something no matter how hard I worked on it, I was going to have to change it,” Cooper said. “Sometimes we’d argue for two hours. I remember one time he said, ‘Fine do it that way.’

“My dad was really conservative and that is why we’re here today. No question. He instilled in us, ‘What if you just sell one?’ We had to have a backup plan and be able to execute the backup plan.”

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