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C.R. Crawford Construction Profits from People First Approach

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C.R. Crawford Construction is headquartered in Fayetteville and has an office in Little Rock, as well. The company provides a complete array of professional construction services that are designed to manage the planning and construction of any type of facility for any type of client. Just 10 years after the company was founded, it’s licensed or registered to do business in 26 states with a staff of 68.

Richard Johnson, C.R. Crawford’s director of business development, attributes the company’s success to leadership from the owners, Cody Crawford, Jason Keathley and Scott Stokenbury.

“Most construction firms that are similar in size to C.R. Crawford have layers of management that separate ownership and senior management from most employees, sometimes causing employees to feel that they are not recognized or valued,” Johnson said. “C.R. Crawford is a people-first company, unlike the project-first culture that permeates many other firms in the construction industry.”

Neat Thing We Do
• Employees at C.R. Crawford anxiously await the annual crawfish boil, which is held near the company’s anniversary date. The event is held on a Friday, features an abundance of crawfish with all the trimmings and signals the end of the work week.

With construction being a competitive field when it comes to hiring and keeping talented employees, the management at C.R. Crawford seeks to continue growing and making the company a place employees are drawn to.

An important part of the company culture is centered around its cooking events and competitions like the annual crawfish boil and the summer cooking contest, in which each department prepares a meal for the staff. The menus are kept secret until the day of the meal and feature high-quality ingredients and carefully prepared dishes.

“I believe what sets C.R. Crawford Construction apart, both as a company and as a great place to work, is that we have intentionally assembled a great group of people who are willing to set aside egos and personal ambitions, and really commit to working together as a team.” — Cody Crawford, President/CEO

Such perks continue to enhance the company culture and aid retention and recruitment.

“We believe our staff is as good, if not better, than any of the firms with which we compete,” Johnson said. “The results are measured in the rapid and sustained growth of our company, which has grown, on a revenue basis, more than 1,600 percent since the company was founded 10 years ago.”

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