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C.R. Crawford Construction Sues Tulsa HotelierLock Icon

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Contractor C.R. Crawford Construction LLC of Fayetteville has sued a Tulsa hotelier in Washington County Circuit Court for terminating a $7 million contract.

Crawford, led by President and CEO Cody Crawford, agreed to do the work on a new hotel for Anish Hotel Group on SW Fourth Street in Oklahoma City that was originally pegged at $6.8 million. Anish, led by Andy Patel, agreed to several cost increases that bumped the price to $7.1 million.

On Aug. 10, according to the suit filed by Crawford’s attorney, Jason Wales of Wales & Comstock in Fayetteville, the construction company’s project manager Danny Scoggins filed a cost amendment to the contract that would have added slightly more than $200,000 to the overall contract. The suit said the contract specified that AHG was responsible for making the adjustment once the actual costs were determined.

The suit said AHG told the company it would not add the $200,000 to the contract. The suit said that AHG was responsible for making progress payments in August and September but failed to do so.

The payments due for those months, according to documents submitted by the company, were $347,000 and $264,000. Crawford said it stopped doing work on the project after failing to receive the progress payments, as the contract allows, at which time AHG terminated the contract; Crawford said the termination was a contract violation.

Crawford named its subcontractors on the projects as co-defendants because it said it paid those parties from funds received from AHG. Crawford is suing for breach of contract by AHG, and it is asking the court for a summary judgment that its payments to its subcontractors are not required until AHG makes its required progress payments for August and September.

C.R. Crawford was ranked No. 66 on Arkansas Business’ largest private companies list with revenue of $151 million in 2017.

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