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Edafio, BreachBits Partner Up

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BreachBits, which opened an office in Little Rock a year ago, is not only looking to double its workforce in the state (see Score Helps Assess Business Security), but is also partnering with a well-known IT consulting firm in North Little Rock: Edafio Technology Partners.

BreachBits co-founder Jacob Foster Davis said his company will help Edafio monitor its vast vendor network to reduce third-party cyber risk — making sure Edafio clients get the best cybersecurity — and help Edafio continue delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity products and services via in-development special projects.

Mark Hodges, Edafio’s chief growth officer, told Whispers this “emerging partnership” is a work in progress. “We’re exploring a lot of different ways to incorporate working with BreachBits,” he said. That exploration began about two months ago and is the result of a few people on Edafio’s cybersecurity team having known Davis, a Little Rock native, previously.

“We have put an extreme emphasis on cybersecurity. And, obviously, it’s become kind of a thing, especially over the last few years. What we have found is that … most people don’t completely understand it. And humans tend to just not pay attention to what they don’t understand. And so, the challenge with cybersecurity is actually trying to have a conversation with someone about it, without just scaring them to death.”

He said this is where BreachBits enters the picture, simplifying that initial step with the cyber risk scores it offers. Edafio, in return, is providing feedback on the other firm’s offerings, Hodges said.

In unrelated news, BreachBits plans to release a report this month on the cybersecurity status of the U.S. energy sector and to release a report by year’s end on the cybersecurity status of all 50 state governments as well as the governments of select cities. Davis said the firm plans to produce industry reports on a periodic basis.

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