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Enabling the Brand Using Marketing

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These days, having a good marketing strategy is just as important as having a fully drawn-out business plan.

“A marketing strategy, at its core, is an enabler or a component of a strategic business plan,” Sharon Vogelpohl, president and CEO of MHP/Team SI, said. “So the first thing that someone needs to understand before they start talking about marketing is from a business plan perspective. Whatever the business plan is, the marketing plan exists to enable the success of that.”

For a business looking to grow awareness of its brand, it must first know what it’s trying to accomplish as a company and establish how it will measure success.

Justin Young has been the vice president of marketing at Splash Car Wash for four years.

“The first three years in the role was a whole lot of just foundational brand development. Like, who are we as a brand, and how do we communicate that consistently to where people know, when they see that logo, what that means and, ultimately, what it makes them feel,” Young said. “So we spent a lot of effort in the beginning just on the branding piece and really getting consistent.”

Splash now has 21 facilities, offering a variety of services esuch as interior cleaning, free vacuums and oil changes. The company also has seven locations coming soon and future locations scouted for three other facilities.

Here is what those who have done it right have to say about brand awareness:

Media Matters

Much of Splash’s advertising is through digital media, such as social media platforms and radio ads. Email and text clubs also seem to be working well, as Splash has more than 140,000 contacts between the two.

Serve Up the Service

The best marketing strategy Splash has up its sleeve is one that can apply to every business: good customer experience. “If you’ve been to Splash, hopefully you had a pretty good experience with the people,” Young said. “You can’t out-market a bad service experience. So we really focus a lot of effort on our people.”

A Reason for Research

According to Mimi San Pedro, The Venture Center’s chief strategy officer, part of a business’ marketing strategy must be discovery. “You have to do some research. You have a product, and you envision who the customer should be, but is it?” San Pedro said.

“You can’t assume that — you have to do the research. Customer discovery is a very important thing when it comes to a new business.” San Pedro suggests that even established businesses take a step back every once in a while to reevaluate their target audience.

Play to Your Crowd

The team at MHP/Team SI agrees, and helps clients find their target audience or meets a profile of what that audience should be.

“We have a lot of tools that we can use to do that,” Vogelpohl said. “When they have first party data about their customers. … We have the ability to identify those audiences and find folks that look like them in other areas. There’s a lot we can do in terms of identifying those audiences and reaching them with thought leadership content and marketing content to market those businesses.”

Vogelpohl said that starting with baby steps in marketing a business is okay, as it’s a win-win to stand beside the business as it grows.

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