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Enjoying Pride of Place at Rural Sourcing Inc.

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For Rural Sourcing Inc.’s Arkansas Development Center, located in Jonesboro, there’s no place like home. The center allows local talent to live in the comfort of their hometown while working with Fortune 1000 companies.

“Our employee-centric environment produces colleagues who are happy to come to work every day,” said Darrell Runyan, Development Center manager. “Being a place that our colleagues feel safe, welcome and comfortable [in] is a huge accomplishment. RSI has created an environment that celebrates colleagues every day and has been awarded several awards based on colleague surveys.”

The Atlanta-based RSI has gained favor with U.S. companies looking for specialized IT services, but don’t want to send that work overseas, a trend called “outsourcing.” Teams typically work in groups of 10 or 15 employees among Jonesboro’s 50 developers and quality assurance specialists, but everyone has the opportunity to contribute according their own unique expertise, whether to a project or to a fellow employee’s development.

“At Rural Sourcing Inc., we believe a best place to work must provide work that challenges colleagues as well as gives opportunities to advance and innovate the skills and practices needed to progress up a clearly defined career ladder,” said Margaux Kaynard, vice president of human resources. “At RSI, we encourage peer mentors to foster the learning process while fulfilling their client obligations. Our development centers offer a place that marries challenge and growth with fun and team building.”

Honors And Recognition
  • One of Computerworld’s Best 100 Places to Work in IT, 2016
  • 2016 Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For list
  • 2015 New Mexico Family Friendly Business
  • Certified by Great Place to Work Institute, 2016-2017.

Such communication doesn’t just flow in one direction, even among widely disparate spots on the company’s organizational chart.

“Connecting with the people that make us great helps us to continue to be great,” said Jennifer Rorex, human resources administrator. “Aside from the open-door policy that allows even our junior associates to reach out to the CEO, we conduct monthly round-up and quarterly town hall meetings that give our colleagues the opportunity to receive a pulse check on business, professional and personal successes, celebrate each other and voice questions or concerns.”

“Rural Sourcing is a family. By focusing on the colleague and making sure our needs are heard, understood and addressed is what makes RSI the best place to work.” — Darrell Runyan, Arkansas Development Center manager

Employees at all levels are similarly recognized for good work and are given the chance to recognize others as well. This creates a powerful incentive for continuous improvement.

“Acknowledgement is power and our Raving Fan Awards spotlight successful colleague and client involvement,” said Serah Tyler, human resources manager. “Our core value model is based on the need for continuous improvement. By keeping this standard, we are reminded to never settle for status quo, to make choices that show integrity and honesty at all times and to make a positive impact not only on our colleagues, but on the clients we serve in the communities we live in.”

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