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Fair and Honest (Editorial)

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A little more than 4 years old, Arkansas’ medical marijuana industry continues to suffer from allegations of corruption.

The latest surfaced last month, and you can get the details in this week’s cover story, reported by Kyle Massey and Mark Friedman, who have tracked the industry’s ups and downs since before the first medical marijuana products went on sale in Hot Springs in May 2019.

It’s important to note that the allegations laid out in the two lawsuits that are the subject of this week’s reporting are just that — allegations. We’re told that answers to those lawsuits are imminent, perhaps filed by the time you read this.

But these latest claims of corruption, together with those that Arkansas Business have reported in the last four years, further taint the image of the state’s nascent medical marijuana industry and, frankly, the state regulators who oversee it.

Our hope is that any legitimate allegations of fraud and wrongdoing — in this latest case or any other — are called out and dealt with swiftly in the courts or by regulators.

This industry, like all others, must be operated fairly and honestly. Its customers and businesses deserve it.

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