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Fayetteville’s SFC Fluidics Raises $1M

1 min read

A Fayetteville biotech company has raised $1 million, according to a Dec. 27 filing to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

The filing didn’t say who invested in SFC Fluidics Inc. or what the money will be used for.

Anthony “Tony” Cruz, SFC’s president and CEO, declined to comment on the filing.

The company’s website said its products cover a wide range of markets including developing a device that helps diagnose injuries to the brain and making point-of-care medical diagnostic instruments.

“A driving trend in biomedical and analytical instrumentation is toward higher performance, lower operating cost, and more portability,” its website said. “The company’s mission is to expand scientific knowledge, advance health care, and improve overall quality of life through our enabling microfluidics technologies.”

SFC Fluidics is a client firm of Innovate Arkansas and a portfolio company of Fayetteville’s VIC Technology Venture Development.

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