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Filing Seeks to Deny Bankruptcy Discharge for HollidayLock Icon

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The trustee in Jacob “Kade” Holliday’s bankruptcy case filed court papers last week to block the former Craighead County clerk from receiving a discharge on his debts.

If you recall, Holliday allegedly embezzled more than $1.6 million from taxpayers and is facing federal charges.

Holliday filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in October, listing $3.8 million in debts and $1.6 million in assets.

But where the money from the alleged embezzlement went remains a mystery.

The trustee said in a court filing that Holliday “has failed to explain satisfactorily the loss of the embezzled funds.”

Holliday also “made multiple substantial transfers of embezzled funds for which he failed to fully explain and disclose” in his bankruptcy filings, according to the complaint filed by attorney Joseph DiPietro for Daniel J. Casamatta, acting U.S. trustee.

Hamilton Mitchell is the appointed and acting Chapter 7 trustee in the case.

The trustee’s lawsuit, filed inside Holliday’s bankruptcy case, wants an order that would deny Holliday’s discharge from bankruptcy.

Holliday cited his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination “and refused to respond to each and every question posed by the United States Trustee,” according to the complaint.

As of Thursday, Holliday’s bankruptcy attorney, Walden Matthew Cash of North Little Rock, hadn’t filed a response to the suit. Cash’s office said he wouldn’t comment on the case.

In addition to the bankruptcy, Holliday has federal charges hanging over his head. In December, he was indicted in U.S. District Court on 11 counts of federal wire fraud for allegedly taking more than $1.4 million in county money for his personal use.

He is scheduled to be tried in federal court in Jonesboro on Oct. 18.

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