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First Orion CEO Joe Stinziano on Industry Challenges & Target Markets

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Joe Stinziano became president and CEO of First Orion, a provider of branded communication and call protection solutions, on May 1. He succeeded Charles Morgan, who remains as the chairman of the board and executive committee. Stinziano joined First Orion as president and COO in July 2022.

Stinziano has a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Rutgers University.

What are the challenges and, perhaps, the benefits of succeeding a well-known figure like Charles Morgan?

Charles Morgan is an industry titan. He pioneered the data science revolution and has had an enormous influence on creating the technology industry in Arkansas. The challenge for me and for First Orion is to stay true to his legacy while we also constantly innovate and improve.

What are the biggest challenges facing First Orion?

The biggest challenge for First Orion is that we’re creating an industry from the ground up. This means we are creating never-been-done-before solutions, while managing new processes within a regulated industry. This also requires strategic collaboration with our ecosystem partners but doing so in a way that also differentiates us. On top of that, we are still getting the word out about branded calling now that we can brand on all three major carriers; this is our next big opportunity. We have such a talented team across every department that is invested in elevating our presence and ensuring we’re the leaders in this space. That includes developing new products, enhancing our current offerings, and positioning our company as the thought leaders. We were at the forefront of call protection and branded calling, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

What products does First Orion offer and who is the target market?

We’re unique in that our product suite serves tier 1 carriers as well as businesses of all sizes. We’ve been fortunate to have a 12-year-plus relationship with a tier 1 carrier, serving it with solutions that protect consumers from scam calls and bad actors. We’re also heavily invested in helping businesses of all sizes have better conversations with their customers with our Inform-branded calling solution. Initially we were focused on large enterprises, targeting Fortune 500-type businesses and other businesses with large call volumes — hundreds of thousands of calls per month. As part of our maturation process, we realized there’s an underserved market for small and medium-sized businesses, so we launched a prepaid model earlier this year. Every business should have an opportunity to improve their outbound calls, because consumers want to trust the phone call again. Additionally, we have products that provide spoof protection for businesses, and our road map in the future will deliver logos and additional data analytics to drive greater ROI for our business partners.

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