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Former Prison Guard Sues Pathway to Freedom After Beating

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A former guard for the Arkansas Department of Correction is suing a private pre-release and reentry services company over injuries he received during a fight in one of the company’s barracks.

Little Rock attorney Floyd A. Healy wrote in a lawsuit filed last week that the guard, Greg Ezell, sustained various injuries in the vicious beating, including a hernia and abdominal damage that required surgery, massive head injuries and a total loss of hearing in his left ear.

On Jan. 8, 2013, Ezell was working at the department’s Wrightsville Unit, where Pathway to Freedom Inc. leases several barracks for its rehab programs. The company had signed an agreement with the department about a year earlier for the space and provided a Christ-centered holistic service program that delivers educational, values-based, pre-release, re-entry services to prisoners and ex-prisoners, according to the complaint.

Ezell saw a fight break out between four inmates and tried to break it up by taking one of the inmates to the ground. The guard did not realize that three of the inmates were closely related, and they responded by attacking him, Healy wrote.

Healy wrote that Pathway was negligent in failing to maintain proper security, housing violent criminals who were family members in close proximity and letting prisoners come and go freely in the barracks.

Pathway has not yet responded to the lawsuit and did not return a message seeking comment last week.

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