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The Gables of Maumelle Sold for $7.1M (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 120-unit apartment complex in Maumelle weighed in at $7.1 million.

The Gables of Maumelle Apartments Ltd., an affiliate of Dominium Apartments of Plymouth, Minnesota, sold its namesake project at 1500 Union Court.

The deal is funded with a two-year loan of $5.4 million from Arbor Realty SR Inc. of Uniondale, New York.

The buyer is Timbers United LLC, an affiliate of FM Capital of Hollywood, Florida.

The 10.04-acre site was acquired for $348,480 in July 2001 from the city of Maumelle.

Altitude Acquisition

A 279,568-SF warehouse in North Little Rock tipped the scales at $6.16 million.

MEBFI-Altitude LLC, led by George Dunklin Jr., bought the 1601 Gregory St. project.

The seller is 1601 Gregory Holdings LLC, led by Kevin Huchingson and Rick Ferguson.

The deal is financed with a seven-year loan of $3.3 million from First Security Bank of Searcy.

The 18.86-acre development was purchased for $4.6 million in September 2008. The seller was Gregory Street Properties Inc., an affiliate of Park National Bank of Oak Park, Illinois.

On the backside of the deal, MEBFI-Altitude sold the 35,705-SF Altitude Trampoline Park project at 15707 Chenal Parkway in west Little Rock for $4.5 million to Round Spring LLC, led by Robert and Matthew Stagg.

The deal is backed with a 20-year funding agreement of $7.7 million with First National Bank of Paragould.

The 2.98-acre development was acquired for $3.4 million in August 2015 from Chenal Parkway Development LLC, led by Haitham Alley.

Hidden Purchase

A 46-unit apartment complex in Little Rock sold for $2.25 million.

Hidden Valley Investment Properties LLC, led by Mohammad Rahman, Shuja Rasool, Anwar Bhuiyan and Nick Chowdhury, purchased Hidden Valley Apartments at 225 Keightley Drive.

The seller is HVA Properties LLC, led by Patrick Garner.

The deal is financed with a five-year loan of $1.8 million from Armor Bank of Forrest City.

The 2-acre development was bought for $1.9 million in June 2007 from Hidden Valley Apartments LLC, led by William Hartmann and Dickson Flake.

Office Transaction

A 9,855-SF office building in west Little Rock changed hands in a $1.49 million deal.

Freeway Park Properties LLC, led by Tim Langford, acquired the 5100 Talley Road project.

The seller is 5100 Talley LLC, led by Leonard Boen.

The deal is funded with a seven-year loan of $1.2 million from First Horizon Bank of Memphis.

The 1.04-acre site was purchased in June 2001 as part of a $2.9 million deal with Sally Ferguson, Pamela Ferguson McPherson and Wendy Ferguson Wheelis.

Industrial Land

A 24.4-acre tract for the Little Rock Port Industrial Park rang up a $508,188 sale.

The city of Little Rock bought the land on the south side of Zeuber Road east of the Amazon project.

The sellers are Grant and James Williams, the estate of Richard Watkins, Anthony and Louise DiPietro, the Virginia Ann Buttry Revocable Trust, Jerome Sherman, the Mary McKinnon Biondo Revocable Trust and the Thomas & Kay Koike Trust.

The land was acquired for $166,000 in April 1980 from Mary Toney.

Hallen Court

A 5,500-SF home in west Little Rock’s Hallen Court neighborhood weighed in at $1.1 million.

Jeffrey and Dona Boone purchased the house from Jeff Fuller Homes LLC.

The location was bought for $193,000 in November 2019 from the Lowell Steven Jumper & Sheila Diane Jumper Revocable Living Trust.

Cammack Woods

A new 4,409-SF home in Cammack Village drew a $725,000 transaction.

William and Blake Kees acquired the house from Terra Firma Project LLC, led by Billy Collins Jr.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $510,000 from the Bank of England.

Terra Firma purchased the property for $177,000 13 months ago from the Dennis Kersenbrock & Marlane McLain Management Trust.

Sezanne Court

A 5,683-SF home in west Little Rock’s Sezanne Court neighborhood is under new ownership after a $689,900 deal.

Kristy King bought the house from Muhammad and Zoka Almahayni. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $698,772 from Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

The Almahaynis acquired the location for $75,000 in December 2006 from Deltic Timber Corp. of El Dorado.

Piedmont Home

A 4,182-SF home in the Piedmont neighborhood of west Little Rock’s sold for $645,000.

Ben and Laura Stronach purchased the house from Watt and Nancy Gregory.

The deal is funded with a 15-year loan of $510,440 from Simmons Bank.

The residence was bought in April 1994 for $283,000 from Randolph and Ann Surles.

Rural Residence

A 4,153-SF home near Roland changed hands in a $605,000 deal.

Avtar and Simerdeep Momi acquired the 16.32-acre spread from Melissa Anthony. The location was purchased for $152,000 in August 2007 from Nancy Carver.

Oak Creek

A 3,250-SF home in west Pulaski County’s Oak Creek neighborhood rang up a $549,403 sale.

Summer and Jeffrey Young bought the house from Hines Homes LLC, led by Brandon and Kelly Hines.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $395,000 from the Bank of England.

Hines Homes acquired the 1.2-acre site for $127,500 11 months ago from Stewart Road Estates LLC, led by Aaron Black.

Forest Heights

A 1,973-SF home in Little Rock’s Forest Heights neighborhood drew a $508,500 transaction.

The Tom & Gale Scott Revocable Trust purchased the house from NCW LLC, led by Kimberly Brockinton.

NCW bought the residence for $404,000 in August 2007 from Doug and Janice Sherman.

Woodlands Edge

A 3,923-SF home in west Little Rock’s Woodlands Edge neighborhood is under new ownership after a $500,000 sale.

The Cumberworth Family Trust, led by Raymond and Beryla Cumberworth, acquired the house from Linda Wilson.

Wilson purchased the residence for $485,900 in June 2014 from Charles and Gloria Jordan.

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