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Ghidotti Firm Moving On Up — to the 29th Floor

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Natalie Ghidotti was showing off her new offices, with panoramic views of Little Rock and beyond — from the airport to Pinnacle Mountain — while talking about a new public relations client, CHI St. Vincent.

Ghidotti Communications moved onto the 29th floor of the Regions Center several months ago, after severing a successful eight-year relationship with Eric Rob & Isaac in the River Market District.

“We’ve been in growth mode ever since,” said Ghidotti, a Benton High School and Texas Christian University graduate who founded Ghidotti Communications in 2007 after an early foray into journalism and a few years of agency work, including time at Mangan Holcomb Partners.

“We officed with Eric Rob & Isaac above the Flying Fish [restaurant], and I love those guys. But I already had my business and needed to focus on growing it. So we parted ways, amicably.”

That prompted the move to the Regions Center, where Ghidotti’s corner office is a stunner. Forget about the glass ceiling; she has two glass walls and a cocktail cart that’s straight out of “Mad Men.” The gleaming conference room sits ready to impress potential clients, and Ghidotti, who has five employees now, had just taken calls from a few possibilities the morning of the tour.

Ghidotti was talking to St. Vincent representatives about the hospital’s long-term PR needs when word came last month that Margaret Preston was retiring as St. Vincent’s spokeswoman. Preston, the former anchor at KARK-TV, Channel 4, had led PR at the hospital for 13 years.

“I had worked a lot with Margaret when I was on the St. Vincent account at Mangan, so it was a good fit,” Ghidotti said. “But then, when Margaret retired, we literally became the PR department for them. It’s real hands-on right now.”

Ghidotti’s team publicized a Mother’s Day birth at the hospital to a couple who had faced fertility problems, and kicked off an atrial fibrillation awareness campaign at last weekend’s American Heart Association Heart Walk. “We’ve been planning this project for the last month. The hospital has a lot of patients with AFib, but a lot of people don’t know what the symptoms are.” AFib is an irregular heartbeat that can lead to complications like strokes, and syptoms include fatigue, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, sweating and shortness of breath.

“We’re doing a campaign that is going to live mostly on social portals,” Ghidotti said. “Chad Dillard, who has been over marketing there for a year, has a strong content marketing strategy where content can be used on all touch points — newsletters or Facebook or YouTube or even in the waiting room of the clinic.”

While Ghidotti said the St. Vincent PR budget doesn’t compare to the media-buy or creative budgets that big advertising agencies often see, it is significant. “It’s really good for PR, and we consider it a big win for us.”

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