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Good Day Farm Excited for the Possibility of Recreational Marijuana, Says CEO Ryan Herget

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Ryan Herget grew up in Little Rock and gained prominence as a young entrepreneur, becoming an Arkansas Business 20 in Their 20s honoree in 2015 as the man behind Chef Shuttle and then Sniffle Health, a telemedicine startup.

A 2009 graduate of Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock, Herget earned a bachelor’s degree in insurance and risk management from the University of Mississippi in 2013.

What companies own and manage Good Day Farm, and do you work for the cultivator or the dispensaries in Little Rock, Texarkana and Van Buren?

Good Day Farm is made up of two management companies; one manages cultivation and one manages retail. I am the chief executive officer of the retail management company.

What do you expect for your company if recreational marijuana is approved in Arkansas?

While we’re excited about the possibility of recreational marijuana in Arkansas, it does come with a new set of challenges that we’ll have to work through. Volume will significantly increase, requiring us to renovate stores to facilitate the increased demand. It will bring a new set of customers and will require us to continue to provide great service to medical patients alongside our recreational customers.

What business lessons did you learn at Chef Shuttle that you use at Good Day Farms?

Chef Shuttle taught me how to rapidly scale a business without sacrificing company values and taught me the importance of building a strong team. In less than two years, we’ve grown from a local cannabis company to the largest cannabis company in the South. This growth wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team — both at the store and corporate level.   

How has business been at the new location off Chenal Parkway in west Little Rock?

We couldn’t be happier with the new Chenal Parkway location. The additional parking and larger footprint have enabled us to provide an even better all-around customer experience. The Chenal location has flower tables, display walls and a gummy bar where patients can try unmedicated gummies. We provide a wide selection with products available from every cultivator in Arkansas at an affordable price. And our store team is second to none. I encourage all card holders to come check out our new location.

Do you have any new ventures in the works?

Mississippi is the next venture for Good Day Farm. We will open several stores spanning from the Tennessee border to the Gulf Coast in late November. We are beyond excited to make Mississippi the fourth state for Good Day. 

How does marketing work for a regulated cannabis company here?

Marketing rules in Arkansas are challenging. Cultivators cannot advertise and dispensaries are limited in what advertising we can do. However, we are honored to be able to participate in Arkansas events like the Medical Marijuana & CBD Wellness Expo, which was held in northwest Arkansas last weekend [Aug. 27]. Events like this allow us to provide great education and engagement with both patients and customers who have interest in the benefits of cannabis. 

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