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Happy Egg Lays Claim to Recovered Hacker MoneyLock Icon

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Happy Egg, the victim of an email spoofing scam, has filed claims with the federal government to recover any money seized from a bank account set up by the hacker.

If you recall, the email spoofing case involved about $1 million.

The FBI, however, seized more than $550,000 of that money and filed a lawsuit last year to have it forfeited, saying it stemmed from proceeds traced to wire fraud.

Earlier this month, Arkansas Business reported on the case and said that since no one made a claim for the money in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas, the money went into an government account, which is what the docket sheet indicated.

We didn’t hear from Happy Egg by our deadline, but after the story appeared, it sent a statement with a little more insight into the case.

Happy Egg said it has filed claims “for all funds obtained by the FBI or Department of Justice,” the statement said. “Happy Egg continues to closely monitor this situation, along with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office, to ensure it is taking all appropriate action to recover the funds and otherwise respond to this situation.”

Happy Egg has the legal name of Noble Foods Inc. of Rogers and sells organic eggs from free-range hens.

The company also added that it has “taken steps to prevent itself from being victim to similar criminal activity in the future.”

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