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Hayseed Ventures to Take Over Old Post Office Building in Fayetteville Square

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Acumen Brands of Fayetteville will move its Country Outfitter flagship store out of the Old Post Office Building in the downtown Fayetteville square.

Acumen said in a news release that Country Outfitter, a western wear retailer, will move to a new location after it closes this month. Hayseed Ventures, a startup company started by Acumen Brands’ founder John James, will take over the space left by Country Outfitter, which started at the location Aug. 30, 2013.

In the news release, Acumen said the new Country Outfitter location will represent the company’s new “scalable and replicable format.” Hayseed Ventures is currently located in the Old Post Office with Country Outfitter.

“The Old Post Office is a beautiful space filled with history and warmth, but we can’t expect to secure locations on every historic square in America,” said Rich Morris, Acumen’s vice president of retail operations. “We intend to replicate our distinct Arkansas charm in locations from coast to coast.”

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