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HeartX Accelerator Picks 5 Startups for 2022 Program

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Cardiovascular-focused health care accelerator HeartX has announced five startup health companies for its 2022 program.

The program is part of a partnership between powered by HealthTech Arkansas and MedAxiom, along with seven Arkansas healthcare providers: Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Heart Hospital, Baptist Health, CHI St. Vincent, Conway Regional Health System, St. Bernards Healthcare, and Washington Regional Medical Center.

This year’s participating startups are:

  • Acorai of Helsingborg, Sweden. Acorai produces a device for heart failure management through non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring. It is handheld and uses multi-modal sensor technologies and a proprietary machine learning system based on unique insights into flow and pressure dynamics.
  • Echo IQ of Sydney, Australia. Echo IQ uses AI to support the diagnosis of structural heart conditions. The AI helps to identify at-risk patients classified by guidelines and patients who have a risk phenotype but fall outside of traditional guidelines.
  • iCardio.ai of Los Angeles, California. The iCardio.ai Brain is an AI software that can intake an entire echocardiogram and produce a full cardiologist report. The software is trained to recognize multiple pathologies and can be used to more efficiently identify at-risk patients, increase visibility into abnormalities, and increase the accuracy and consistency of diagnosis.
  • MediWhale of Seoul, South Korea. MediWhale has created Reti-CVD, an AI analytic tool that uses retinal images to identify people with high CVD risk. Developed using large global epidemiological databases, the analytic identifies subtle features in retinal vasculature for precision CVD risk calculation.
  • SafeBeat Rx of Chico, California. SafeBeat Rx is an at-home kit that includes machine-learning software which automates ECG measurements and recommends drug dosing to physicians, as well as FDA-approved devices (mobile ECG; mobile cardiac telemetry; wearable cardioverter defibrillator). This kit enables at-home initiation of the most efficacious antiarrhythmic drugs, replacing a 3-day hospitalization.

Representatives from each of the seven health care providers interviewed applicants and selected companies with technologies that have the potential to advance cardiovascular innovation and cardiac care at their respective organizations.

The cohort will participate in a program that provides them the opportunity to build solutions specifically identified by Arkansas cardiovascular healthcare providers as areas of opportunity within their organizations. Each company will receive $150,000 of investment capital as well as complete and total access to clinicians and administrators while executing their pilot projects with Arkansas hospitals.

HeartX is hosting an event on Nov. 1 at Arkansas Heart Hospital Encore Medical Center to introduce the five startup companies. 

“This year’s companies are exceptionally strong, due in no small part to MedAxiom’s contributions as our program partner,” Jeff Stinson, director of HealthTech Arkansas, said in the release. “We’re proud of our role in healthcare innovation as the only program in the country that guarantees hospital pilot projects for early-stage companies, which produces exceptionally accomplished cohorts.”

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