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Helena Harbor Receives $528K for Road, Rail Projects

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Helena Harbor has been awarded a $528,922 Delta Regional Authority grant to resurface a major road and to continue improving the eight miles of rail it owns.

“This funding comes at a critical time as we continue to build and improve the infrastructure of Helena Harbor,” John Edwards, general counsel and economic development director, said in a news release. “Helena Harbor is one of the largest emerging ports on the lower Mississippi River and maintaining and completing infrastructure will be critical for job retention and creation.” 

Edwards said the next three years will be critical to making Helena Harbor competitive and a job creator, and the harbor wants to bid the project out in the coming weeks.

Engineering is now complete for a new 500,000-gallon elevated water tower, and planning is underway for the development of a needed wastewater system. These items are the last two major items that will complete the basic infrastructure of Helena Harbor site, a 4,000-acre industrial park that boasts a slackwater harbor over 2 miles long, according to Edwards.

The work is part of a master plan developed in 2017 by Helena Harbor and Jacobs Engineering, which was funded in part by the Walton Family Foundation.  

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