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Home, Sweet … Bunker? Marion County Property Raises Eyebrows

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The heading on the real estate agency’s website for the property in Marion County reads “Hidden and Secure Tiny House.” On Reddit’s Zillow Gone Wild community it’s “For Security in Troubled Times.”

But let’s get real about the 365-SF “tiny house” on 16 acres. “It’s truly not a house,” says James “Buddy” Bebout of BBB Realty-United Country of Yellville. “It would be hard to live in it. It’s a bunker. My advertising says underground house but that’s because ‘bunker’ is scary to some people. And everybody may not want a bunker, but it ain’t a bad idea. It would have been a good idea a couple weeks ago up here.” Bebout was referring to last month’s tornadoes in north Arkansas.

The property, owned by Richard Barnes, went on the market a couple of months ago and is currently listed at $229,000. Asked if it had attracted many prospective buyers, Bebout said, “Not as many as I would expect. It’s a super cool property, but for some reason I just haven’t had the number of people that I thought would look at it and I have not sold it yet.”

The 13-foot-by-28-foot bunker home, which has never been lived in, features 8-inch poured concrete walls and a full kitchen, bath and bedroom, with extra built-in storage. The property includes a 12-foot-by-40-foot greenhouse and garden with 7-foot-tall fences and steel gate.

Bebout said the bunker is accessible by, naturally, a hatch, which is “not real visible.”

“It’s a place of shelter and emergencies,” Bebout said. “However, if you were to build a house over top of it, then you would have a bunker that nobody knew about. It would be one of them secret places of extreme security.”

As one commenter on Zillow Gone Wild said, “Praying my Dad never sees this cuz he will liquidate his IRA to buy this.”

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