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Hybar to Partner with Manufacturer of Cement-Free Concrete BlocksLock Icon

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Hybar of Osceola is set to partner with CarbiCrete of Montreal to manufacture cement-free concrete blocks.

Hybar CEO Dave Stickler said Hybar will be investing “close to $40 million” to establish a commercially operating concrete facility in Arkansas, which will be the second of its kind in the world. The other is in Canada.

“We haven’t inked all the paperwork yet, but within the next 60 days, by the end of August, we would expect to have a joint investment agreement between Hybar and CarbiCrete for them to build their first U.S.-based facility,” Stickler said.

CarbiCrete will use Hybar’s slag byproduct from steel production as an alternative concrete binder to make the blocks without the need for cement. In fact, “it takes cement right out of the process,” Stickler said.

This allows for a “circular economy,” making the steel manufacturing process more environmentally friendly. “It gets rid of a byproduct we would otherwise have to find a home for,” Stickler said.

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