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Jones Innovative Seeks FDA OK for Blood-Draw Device

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Spencer Jones said he hopes to submit the blood-draw device he developed to the Food & Drug Administration for approval by the end of the year or early 2016.

Jones, through his startup Jones Innovative Medical Solutions Inc. of Little Rock, created the Bifurcated Venous Access Device, which allows medical providers to draw blood from the same tube used for IV fluids.

Jones, 24, said he came up with the idea for the product while he was in nursing school treating hospital patients.

Jones said he had to draw blood on a diabetic patient, who had already had her finger pricked several times. He said he wanted to use the IV site already established, but the device wouldn’t allow him to do it.

“That was not an acceptable answer,” Jones said. “This woman was a pin cushion for no reason other than the devices didn’t allow us to do that.”

So he set out to design a product that would allow blood to be drawn.

Jones entered the product in the ARK Challenge Demo Day in Little Rock in November and won a $150,000 investment.

Jones, who has partnered with med-tech investor David DePoyster, said he is fine tuning the device so it will be perfect when it’s submitted to the FDA, which could take an additional five or six months to give its approval. “The product that you take to market has to be the same product that you submitted to the FDA,” he said. “It’s really paramount that we go to the market, not with just the first product we can, but with the best product that we can offer. “

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