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LaDonna Humphrey’s Legal Saga Revisited in New PodcastLock Icon

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Are you one of the readers who was gobsmacked by our March 11 report on Bentonville pediatric therapy clinic owner Anthony Christopher and the years of personal and legal chaos that ensued after he hired and then fired LaDonna Humphrey in 2018?

Here’s your chance for a sequel.

Last week, a 6-year-old true-crime podcast called “Pretend” began a new season called “Who’s Afraid of LaDonna Humphrey,” and the first episode makes Christopher’s story of professional assassination seem tame. Host Javier Leiva cautions listeners from the get-go, “Heads up: This episode has depictions of deviant sexual content. You should not listen to this without headphones. You should not listen to this with children in the room. You’ve been warned.”

Whispers actually did listen to the first episode — with headphones and without children in the room — and can say that Humphrey is not accused of deviant sexual behavior. Instead, she’s accused of using anonymous emails and text messages to terrorize a professional associate who had been of service to her and then claiming that her computer was hacked.

And in that way, the claims by Alecia Lockhart are like Christopher’s civil allegations against Humphrey years earlier.

In 2019, Humphrey had been ordered to pay Christopher and his clinic $3.57 million — $1.78 million in compensatory damages and an equal amount in punitive damages.

Benton County Circuit Judge Xollie Duncan also sent Humphrey to jail for 10 days for contempt of court for destroying evidence and misleading the court on various points of fact, including her use of spoof emails and her claim of being hacked.

Leiva promises much more to come. He says he conducted more than 20 interviews and will be sharing “some far-fetched allegations” from “strangers who share one common thread: They’ve all crossed paths with LaDonna Humphrey.”

“Pretend,” which documents “con artists and real people pretending to be someone else,” is available on most podcast platforms.

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