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Lawnly Goes Yard in Fayetteville With Uber Model

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The “Uber for” trend has expanded into lawn care in Arkansas.

A new company, dubbed Lawnly, is now doing business in the northwest part of the state. The service is similar to Uber in that users log on to the Lawnly application and find someone willing to take the job in the area. It varies slightly because it uses actual lawn care companies, as opposed to individual contractors.

Andrew Motter, the company’s founder, who lives in Fayetteville, said in an email interview that the idea for the app came to him after working on a website for his friend’s lawn care company. He said about 20 companies have signed on with the service, as well as 300 landowners.

“Lawnly is primarily for people who don’t want to be stuck on a contract. This could be the homeowner that just needs a break sometimes or someone who is looking for a regular mowing service and likes the ease and speed of managing lawn care online,” Motter said. “We’re finding people with more urgent needs, like real estate agents, are especially excited by the idea.”

Motter said he hopes to expand to Little Rock, Conway and Fort Smith if enough companies sign on in those markets.

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