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Lawsuit Asks To See Records Of 7 BrewLock Icon

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A Delaware company linked to restaurateur Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder of Jimmy John’s sandwich chain who was described in 2021 as an investor in 7 Brew Coffee, has sued the parent company of the coffee chain asking to view the company’s books.

Stillwater Brew LLC filed suit Jan. 13 in Benton County Circuit Court against Bar 7 Bar LLC and Drink House Holdings LLC, both based in Wyoming.

Stillwater Brew’s complaint said that it’s a member of Drink House Holdings, the parent company of 7 Brew Coffee. “Defendant Bar 7 Bar, another Member and sole Manager of the Company, has wrongly failed to even respond to multiple requests made by Stillwater to review the Company’s books and records. Stillwater is therefore left with no choice but to commence this action in order to enforce its basic ownership rights,” the suit said.

“As an owner of the Company, Stillwater has the explicit right (as does any other owner Member) to review the Company’s books and records,” the suit said. The complaint said Stillwater has a 21.29% ownership interest.

Stillwater said it sent letters on Nov. 4 and Nov. 18 asking to review the books of Drink House Holdings but had received no response.

Stillwater asked the court to find the defendants in breach of the limited liability agreement for Drink House and to order them to make the company’s books available. 

Stillwater’s lawsuit said it became a member of the company on Sept. 23, 2020. A March 23, 2021, news release from 7 Brew announced that it had received a majority investment from Drink House Holdings, which it said was “led by Jamie B. Coulter, a long-time leader and visionary in the restaurant business, and Jimmy John Liautaud, the founder and former chairman of Jimmy John’s sandwich chain.”

Coulter, founder of the Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon franchise, died June 24. Liautaud’s signature appears in the court filings as a representative of Stillwater Brew.

Bar 7 Bar and Drink House had not responded to the lawsuit as of midweek. 7 Brew representatives asked for comment on the lawsuit had not responded as of press time.

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