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Ledger: The Bike-Friendly Community Hub

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Ledger: The Bike-Friendly Community Hub 144054
Ledger, in downtown Bentonville, features a 3,900-foot linear bike path and is billed as the world’s first bikeable office building, with amenities for bike storage, e-bike charging stations and a lounge and shower facilities. ( David Yerby)

Located in downtown Bentonville, Ledger is a 230,000-SF community hub featuring both private and shared office space and reservable rooms and retail areas. 

Contracted by the Rogers branch of Nabholz Construction, the most eye-catching feature of the building is its architecture, designed by Michel Rojkind, Christian Callaghan and Haruka Horiuchi, and Marlon Blackwell Architects. Ledger, owned by Bentonville real estate developer Josh Kyles is the world’s first bikeable office building, boasting a 3,900-foot linear bike path.

With this feature, employees can bike directly up to wherever their office may be in the 6-floor building. The bike ramps are also open to the public – anyone can bike or walk approximately ¾ of a mile from the ground floor to the roof during business hours. 

Ledger: The Bike-Friendly Community Hub 144054
Ledger features private and shared office space, with reservable rooms and retail areas that are all accessible by bicycle, no matter what floor they are on. ( David Yerby)

“It’s really exciting…to bike up and down and be able to be on the public terraces and peer out over the town. It culminates in this wonderful view of the downtown square in Bentonville,” Marlon Blackwell said. “There’s a lot of positive spirit about the building.”

The building includes several biker-friendly amenities, including storage and e-bike charging stations, along with a lounge and showering facilities for those that choose to bike even on the hottest days of the year.

Ledger: The Bike-Friendly Community Hub 144054
( David Yerby)
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