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Life Lessons (Editorial)

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We had a couple of ideas for furious editorials, but then we realized that this is Thanksgiving week and decided to give righteous anger a rest. Instead, we’ll focus on what all the happiness experts say you should focus on: gratitude, which just so happens to be the “true meaning of Thanksgiving.” But allow us to give that Hallmark sentiment a twist, because it’s the dead we’re thinking about.

We’re grateful for Mary Good, the pioneering Arkansas-raised and Arkansas-returned scientist and educator who achieved so much because “I’ve never been afraid to do new things.” It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re not afraid to fail.

We’re grateful for John Walker, the lawyer, state representative and, most importantly, civil rights leader who fought for what he thought was right up to his last breath, though he easily could have taken his considerable gifts elsewhere. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you refuse to give up.

We’re grateful for Bob Shell, who at 19, fired from a job as an ambulance driver and denied a promotion as a furniture salesman, applied for a construction timekeeper job with the Baldwin Co. He worked his way to the top of the firm, which became Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. in 1983. Along the way he transformed Baldwin & Shell into one of the top construction companies in the country. Shell told Arkansas Business in 2016 that he realized that the owners of the Baldwin Co. took a chance with him and that he worked hard to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you bloom where you’re planted.

We’re grateful for Matt DeCample, the reporter-turned-PR-executive who fought cancer fiercely and publicly and with laughter. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re kind.

Thank you all.

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