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Little Rock Buys New Home for BeaconLock Icon

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Why would the city of Little Rock spend $540,000 to buy 100 acres of east Pulaski County north of the Arkansas River?

The purchase was made for the benefit of the Little Rock Port Authority to push the ball forward on a four-year project to relocate a piece of antiquated flight technology.

The property along the east side of Highway 440 about 2 miles north of Interstate 40 is the future home of a VHF omnidirectional radio range station.

The navigation aid, known as a VOR cone in Federal Aviation Administration parlance, will be moved from a 52-acre site owned by Uncle Sam.

Moving the station, established back in 1947, will free up 1,000 acres for heavy industrial development in the Little Rock Port. That possibility is blocked by FAA restrictions governing the beacon.

The 100-acre site for the beacon relocation was sold by F&D Ranch LLC, led by Skip Davidson.

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