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Little Rock CRNA Agency Rises Quick With TikTok

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Michael Marsh started his certified registered nurse anesthetist staffing agency at his dining room table in 2019, but it quickly outgrew those quarters.

“Now we’re in 44 states and filling new positions every day,” said Marsh, 33, the CEO and founder of CRNA Locum Jobs of Little Rock.

In May 2023, CRNA Locum Jobs moved into a 2,200-SF office in west Little Rock.

It has seven employees, 10 CRNAs who handle recruitment, and about 300 CRNAs working six-, nine- or 12-month assignments at hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Last year, it had between 150 and 170 CRNAs on assignment. It has worked with more than 800 CRNAs in the nation.

The company’s branding on social media has fueled its quick growth. One of the company’s videos on TikTok features one of its travel CRNAs earning $93,662 in a month. That video captured more than 4 million views. Three other videos each have more than 1 million views. The company also has more than 11,000 followers on Instagram, Marsh said.


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“And my whole premise behind this advertising was to really hit marketing hard,” he said.

The company also started a live broadcast on Instagram to discuss issues involving anesthesia, and other topics such as stress relief and mental health issues. “We do all we can for our colleagues, and that helps us advertise, as well as you can get a lot of value from us,” Marsh said. So, “when it comes time to want to travel and look for new work, you’re going to call us.”

He plans to continue marketing on social media platforms. “It’s the new 21st century way of putting your business out, providing value and advertising what your services are, what products you have,” he said.

The fact that it is operated by certified registered nurse anesthetists is another advantage for the company. “The big thing about us is we’re CRNAs recruiting CRNAs,” said Marsh, a CRNA himself and a member of the board of the Arkansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists. “We can understand jobs and clearly present them to candidate CRNAs to fill these positions, so that really makes us different” from the average staffing agencies for CRNAs.

CRNA Locum Jobs also saw a boost after COVID, when hospitals and other providers were performing more surgeries and needed more CRNAs. But there are only about 60,000 certified registered nurse anesthetists in the United States.

“If you want to do surgeries, you have to have a CRNA,” Marsh said. “You can’t cut on somebody’s knee or open them up or do all the crazy things in surgery without anesthesia. So you have to have us.”

Some providers are willing to pay more than $200 an hour for CRNA services. Marsh declined to release revenue figures.

CRNAs typically work 10- or 12-hour shifts, leaving a day or two per week open for extra work.

After graduating from Arkansas State University of Jonesboro with a Master of Science in nursing-nurse anesthesia at the age of 25, Marsh knew a lot of younger CRNAs who were eager to add another shift.

He exchanged text messages daily with CRNAs and providers looking for anesthesia coverage, and then he decided to start a company to provide that service.

“Before we knew it, we were all across Arkansas placing CRNAs,” Marsh said.

The company then expanded to places outside of the state, helping staff ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, gastrointestinal facilities, “anybody that uses anesthesia, we were helping them staff,” he said.

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