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Local Group Buys Chicopee Plant Property, Building for $1.2 Million

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Local investors acquired a 41.8-acre industrial spread in North Little Rock that once housed Chicopee in a $1.2 million transaction.

Clifton Family LLLP, led by Norman and Shirley Clifton, bought the shuttered Chicopee plant at 1301 E. Eighth St.

The main pieces of the development puzzle are a 465,000-SF plant supported by 15 acres and a 120,000-SF building on 10 acres.

“This is a great old building,” Norman Clifton said. “The last major expansion was done in 2000. We’re getting it all cleaned out, and we’d love to get a long-term tenant.”

Clifton is exploring the options of renting or selling portions of the property and subdividing the buildings for warehouse or manufacturing use.

The property originally listed for $5.5 million after the plant closed in March 2010. The last product lines to roll out of the facility were Swiffer pads for cleaning floors and foam headliners for automobiles.

The plant employed 140 when the closing was announced in June 2009 by Chicopee’s parent company, Polymer Group Inc. of Charlotte, N.C. The North Little Rock production was consolidated with a PGI plant in Benson, N.C.

PGI filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in 2002 after defaulting on a $400 million funding agreement, followed by a corporate ownership change in 2004. PGI bought Chicopee Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson, in 1995.

The North Little Rock plant was an industrial fixture for more than 50 years.

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