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Local Lime 2? Heights Taco & Tamale Prospering

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Heights Taco & Tamale appears to be setting records for Little Rock’s Yellow Rocket Concepts restaurant group.

“We’re doing 33 percent higher revenue out of Heights Taco & Tamale than we did the first five weeks of Local Lime,” Ben Brainard, chef and co-owner of both restaurants, told Arkansas Business last week. “And the first five weeks of Local Lime was a bigger response than we’ve ever had, of anything we’ve ever done.”

Local Lime opened in late November 2012, and in the five weeks that it was open that year, it did $301,231 in food sales alone. That means that Heights Taco & Tamale, which opened in late April in the old Browning’s location in the Heights, is pushing past $400,000 in food sales since it opened.

Local Lime, at 17809 Chenal Parkway, did more than $2.3 million in food sales last year.

And though Heights Taco is setting records, it’s Local Lime that may be getting a downtown Little Rock location sooner rather than later, Brainard said.

He and his Yellow Rocket partners — Scott McGehee, John Beachboard and Russ McDonough — have been watching downtown’s development with interest.

Downtown is “continuing to attract more and more people,” Brainard said. “I think a lot of the wealthier folks are downsizing into lofts. I’ve seen it firsthand. That’s a trend that I didn’t expect to see, nor did my business partners. Otherwise, I think we probably would have put Local Lime down there sooner.”

“Downtown is screaming for a Local Lime,” he said.

Brainard later strongly emphasized, however, that Yellow Rocket wasn’t yet ready to begin searching for sites.

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