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Lyon College Receives $175K Grant from Teagle Foundation

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Lyon College in Batesville has been awarded a $175,000 grant from the Teagle Foundation as part of its “Cornerstone: Learning for Living” program, which aims to revitalize the role of humanities in general education.

The grant will support Lyon’s implementation of a renovated core curriculum, “Conversations,” as well as a new Medical Humanities minor and the enhancement of YearOne, the college’s first-year seminar. Funding will be used for faculty development and stipends as the college launches the new core curriculum in the fall of 2025 and the Medical Humanities minor in the fall of 2024.

The Conversations curriculum, a series of three courses all Lyon students will take beginning their first semester, will cover themes such as American political traditions, global historical developments and world literature. YearOne will also integrate “Meno,” one of Plato’s dialogs.

The Teagle Foundation awarded the grant to help Lyon College foster new experiences for its student body, improve students’ critical-thinking skills and develop ethical grounding in a professional setting. The college serves a predominantly rural student body, with a significant portion being Pell-eligible and student-athletes. The new curriculum aims to create equitable educational opportunities for all students by enhancing their intellectual experiences and fostering an inclusive community.

In addition to the core curriculum, the new Medical Humanities minor will cater to health science students, combining electives in anthropology, literature, history and ethics with a capstone seminar. This interdisciplinary approach is designed to enhance the educational experience of students pursuing careers in health professions.

“This grant allows us to offer a richer and more comprehensive educational experience. By intertwining humanities with medical studies, we can cultivate more empathetic and well-rounded healthcare professionals,” Alexis Baldacci, assistant professor of history and principal investigator for the grant project, said in a news release.

Lyon currently enrolls almost 600 students. The college offers 24 majors, as well as select graduate and pre-professional programs.


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