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Makoto Consulting Group Specializes in Business Software

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Owner: Steve Perry
Address: 149 Ridge Road, Little Rock 72207
Phone: (501) 454-6385
Fax: (501) 421-0293
Startup: February 2006
E-Mail: info@makotoconsultinggroup.com
Web Site: www.makotoconsultinggroup.com

Makoto is no family name; Steve Perry chose the Japanese word, which means honesty and integrity, for his software consulting business because that’s what he offers clients.

“It’s all about integrity, that level of integrity to bring to my customers,” he said.

The software engineer started Makoto Consulting Group, which designs custom software and offers information technology development services for any size business.

“I did programming for 15 years for other companies, and I just thought I wanted to be my boss,” he said.

Perry manages the business, which he started with personal funds, from his home but plans to one day open an office. Within the next year he would like to have four consultants working with him.

He has seen “steady” business since the start. One of his clients has enlisted him for more work, so he is looking for two new programmers since growing is a top priority for him.

“I want to build a consulting company like IBM,” he said.

Figuring out tax and insurance issues was Perry’s toughest challenge starting the business, and the best advice he said he could give other entrepreneurs is to find a good accountant.

For now, Perry is focused on hiring consultants and building Makoto into a large and successful company with his expertise in open-source software.

“My main goal is to bring top-level consulting talent to Little Rock,” he said.

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