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Mangan Waxes Energetic Over Windstream Kinetic

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What’s the next big thing?

For Little Rock advertising executive Chip Culpepper, it’s high-speed internet, particularly the Kinetic brand offered by Windstream.

Culpepper, partner and chief creative officer at Mangan Holcomb Partners, is leading a campaign for Kinetic called “BIG,” and he told Arkansas Business that the idea is to highlight Windstream’s deep investment in premium broadband and its commitment to delivering top download speeds to customers.

“The Kinetic network is a massive infusion of infrastructure in the markets that Windstream serves,” Culpepper said in a phone interview. “And Kinetic is the perfect name for this fiber network. So we saw it as a natural place to introduce the idea of released potential energy. It’s about movement, momentum, energy.”

David Avery, a Windstream spokesman, said the Little Rock data, broadband and network provider has a lot of skin in the broadband infrastructure game. “We have made more than $900 million in network investments over the past three years to expand and enhance broadband services,” he said.

Jeff Small, Windstream’s president of consumer and small business, said Kinetic “represents our commitment to infrastructure and network investment” in 1,400 markets, or “exchanges,” in company parlance, in 18 states.

The ad campaign will use bold creative elements like vibrant colors and active lifestyles to showcase Kinetic’s “BIG speed, BIG savings and GIGANTIC network enhancements,” Culpepper said in a news release. He said in a phone interview that his firm and its digital affiliate, Team SI, have worked with Windstream for several months. “It’s our first major effort for them.”

Mangan Holcomb was a “great choice,” said Geoff Levy, Windstream’s senior vice president of consumer and small-business marketing. “We chose MHP due to them being a local Little Rock company, so that we could spend time in one another’s offices and because of their marketing expertise with rural companies and digital marketing capabilities,” he told Arkansas Business in an email.

Windstream is silent on the cost of the marketing push, but it enlisted Mangan Holcomb’s entire menu of services, from creative inspiration to digital marketing to public relations and more. “Everything that we do is being deployed,” Culpepper said. “People are going to see marketing in print, digital advertising, radio ads, video components online and a presence on local cable entities.”

In cities with mass transit, Kinetic’s ads will literally go BIG, wrapping around buses. “This is all tied to what’s going on in the local community,” Culpepper said. “It’s designed to be effective in big markets, small markets and in between. It’s a marketing campaign designed to adapt.”

Windstream calls the Kinetic package its “most premium services” — internet, cable through Kinetic TV and Kinetic Gig, described as the “fastest internet around” at 1 gigabyte per second.

“This campaign is a lot of fun, but not to belabor the BIG theme, but it’s a major undertaking,” Culpepper said. “It’s all hands on deck for a significant client.”

Firms Expanding
The “BIG” campaign comes as Mangan Holcomb itself, along with Team SI, is getting bigger. The firm has signed a lease on additional space at the Windriver Building on Cottondale Lane, where offices command lovely views of the Arkansas River. The agencies now have 15,000 SF, about half of the building’s 31,000-SF footprint.

The ad firm, then Mangan Holcomb Rainwater Culpepper, moved into 9,000 SF on the building’s third floor in 2002, joining Brave New Restaurant downstairs. Recent tenants include Peregrine Wealth Strategies, Paschall Strategic Communications, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Services Group.

“We’ve had a significant expansion and have added a lot of people,” Culpepper said, estimating that MHP and Team SI together employ about 100 now.

Culpepper, who suspects that his firm is now one of the largest agency employers in Little Rock, says Mangan’s physical expansion will offer a badly needed side benefit.

“It includes a conference room, and we were desperately short of conference space for internal meetings,” he said. “Space was so short we couldn’t hold meetings; we were finding that all the conference rooms were booked.”

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