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Mark Beach: CDI Contractors

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Mark Beach

President & CEO, CDI Contractors

Despite being in the construction business for most of his professional career, Mark Beach doesn’t anticipate it getting old any time soon.

Beach, who was named president of CDI Contractors in June 2022 and has been in the industry for four-plus decades, previously led the company’s pre-construction and construction efforts. 

“Our industry is still fun. It’s still gratifying to be able to help our customers realize their dreams,” Beach said. “The surprising aspect is that after 40-some odd years, I still enjoy doing it.”

The Little Rock-based company was founded in 1987 and has more than $7.2 billion in completed construction projects. With Beach at the helm, they have no plans to stop here.

Interacting with the customers and helping their project ideas come to fruition has been one of the highlights of Beach’s career. 

“My favorite part is being invited into our clients’ business. They build buildings and projects because they want to accomplish something,” Beach said, “and to see their business or their operation and understand how what we do is going to be a complement to their mission – to be invited in as a trusted partner – is really gratifying.”

CDI has several projects in the works, including the Pinnacle Mountain Visitor Center and QuikTrip Travel Centers in various locations around the nation.

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