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Mayor Terry Hartwick on Development & Growth in North Little Rock

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Terry Harwick is serving his second term as mayor of North Little Rock. He was elected to his first term in 1984 and elected to his second term in 2020. Hartwick was the president and CEO of the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce for 15 years, starting in 2001, and was named director of the city’s Parks & Recreation Department in 2016.

What is the biggest challenge facing North Little Rock?

Where some see challenges, we see opportunities in North Little Rock, a chance to make our city better and make a difference in the lives of everyone. This is our mindset in North Little Rock.

Why should companies choose North Little Rock over other cities in central Arkansas?

Companies are attracted to North Little Rock because of the logistical ease of starting or operating a business and our outstanding working environment. From start to finish, everyone in North Little Rock works hard to provide great customer service. The amenities in our city are also an attraction: largest park in the state, golf course, pump track, trails, pickleball courts and the river trail. Entertainment and the arts are also a huge part of our landscape.

What has driven the success of the development in and around Argenta?

The vision of Argenta originated with former Mayor Patrick Henry Hays and has remained a priority. Former Mayor Joe Smith created the Argenta Plaza, an outdoor venue greatly used for a variety of events. Dickey-Stephens baseball field, a new boutique hotel, Simmons Bank Arena, renovated homes, new townhomes, Argenta Contemporary Theater and the Arkansas River all make Argenta a special place to be. I am dedicated to continuing the great partnerships we have in place in Argenta to ensure we provide arts, entertainment and enjoyment for our residents.

What do the latest census figures show about growth in North Little Rock?

While the 2020 census was taken during the pandemic, we believe North Little Rock has seen growth throughout the city. The Rockwater neighborhood on the Arkansas River continues to grow, and the neighborhoods in the east of the city have expanded as well.

How has the job of mayor changed over the years?

My first term as mayor was 1985-1989 and our city had seven department heads. While the job of mayor is ultimately the same, I now have 38 department heads who work diligently to make sure everything is great for all of our citizens.

What is an aspect of the job that most people don’t know about?

You have to love it. Of course, the phone rings a lot and everyone has an opinion. I personally return phone calls and enjoy hearing from our citizens.

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