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McLarty Buys Dealership Property for $4.5M (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 41,830-SF auto dealership complex in Sherwood weighed in at $4.5 million.

MNLRN LLC, aka McLarty Nissan, purchased its 7.88-acre dealership development at 5703 Landers Road for $4.5 million.

The sellers were 5703 Landers Road LLC, led by Rayanne Bates, 50%; the Mary Anne Tulipana Trust, 26.65%; and the Mary Anne Tulipana Family Trust, 23.35%.

The property, once home to Hawkins & Summers Datsun, was assembled for $212,000 in January and November 1979 deals with Renee Faulkner.

Rockwater Land

A 0.67-acre parcel along the Arkansas River in North Little Rock tipped the scales at $825,000.

Shoreline at Rockwater LLC, led by Lisa Ferrell and Jim Jackson, bought the land at the southeast corner of Parker Street and the Arkansas River Trail. The seller is Riverwalk Properties LLC, led by Cope Gracy and Ryan Newcomb.

Riverwalk purchased the property for $95,000 in August 2019 from the Mildred Charles Irrevocable Trust.

Aloha Acquisition

A 9,160-SF office-warehouse project in North Little Rock sold for $500,000.

Sanders Plumbing Inc., led by John McCormack, acquired the Aloha Pools & Spas facility at 4721 Hilliard Road. The seller is Southern Elite Distribution Inc., led by John Girner.

The deal is backed with a one-year loan of $500,000 from First NaturalState Bank of McGehee.

The 1.3-acre development was bought in September 1992 as part of a $250,000 transaction with the estate of Johnny Burnett.

Convenient Purchase

A 768-SF convenience store in southwest Little Rock changed hands in a $360,000 deal. Cruise Inc. purchased the 8629 Chicot Road project from MKL Investments Inc., led by Malkun Lee.

The deal is funded with a three-year loan of $200,000 from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville.

The 0.6-acre development was acquired for $675,000 in December 2007 from the M.D. Nash Revocable Trust.

Trapeze Transaction

A 1.34-acre commercial site in North Little Rock rang up a $336,882 sale.

Triple Trapeze LLC, led by Kenneth Poland, bought the site near the southeast corner of White Oak Crossing and Northwood Creek Drive.

The seller is Northwood Creek LLC, led by David Haas.

Northwood Creek provided a mortgage of $220,000 to finance the transaction.

The land was purchased in September 2008 as part of a $565,000 deal with Jimmy Greenfield Sr. and his wife, Karen.

Office-Warehouse Buy

A 4,500-SF office-warehouse project in downtown Little Rock is under new ownership after a $320,000 deal.

Haybar Properties LLC, led by Bryan Hosto, acquired the Capitol Imaging property at 601 Ringo St.

The seller is Jerry M. Spears & Donna Sue Spears Trust. The 0.52-acre development was bought for $275,000 in December 2014 from the Edwin H. Hilburn Family Trust.

Med Space

A 2,693-SF medical office in west Little Rock drew a $261,500 transaction.

The Chase Steppig Irrevocable Commercial Real Estate Trust purchased the first-floor space in Westside Medical Plaza at 1 Lile Court from Melsosa LLC, led by John and Melissa Baker.

Melsosa acquired the property for $231,000 in May 2001 from Pathology Properties, led by John Slaven.

The Estates

A 7,186-SF home in The Estates neighborhood of west Little Rock weighed in at $1.71 million.

Scott Hogan and Joshua Hogan bought the residence from the Christopher Leigh John Trust and the Laurel Annie John Trust.

The deal is backed with a 26-year loan of $1.3 million from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

The Johns purchased the residence for $940,000 in August 2000 from Gary Hendershott and Windsor Hughes.

Mills Mountain Estates

A 5,541-SF home in the Mills Mountain Estates neighborhood of west Pulaski County tipped the scales at $1.32 million.

Ashley and Bob Hokams Jr. acquired the property from the Matthew & Suzanne McClendon Joint Revocable Trust. The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $1 million from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp.

The McClendons bought the 5-acre location for $180,000 in November 2011 from Dr. Gary Talbert and his wife, Heike.

Country Club Heights

A 3,042-SF home in Little Rock’s Country Club Heights neighborhood sold for $1 million.

Morris and Gail Arnold purchased the house from Robert Porter Jr. and his wife, Marilynn. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $500,000 from Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

The Porters acquired the property for $505,000 in September 2016 from William and Suzanne Hawkins.

Midland Hills

A 4,062-SF home in Little Rock’s Midland Hills neighborhood changed hands in a $950,000 deal.

Demetrious and Lisa Sajovitz bought the house from the Sherman Family Trust, led by Carole Sherman. The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $760,000 from Eagle Bank & Trust of Little Rock.

The residence was purchased in June 1974 for $80,000 from Herbert Storthz, Joe Storthz Jr. and Nan Storthz Rosenberg.

Chenal Downs

A 5,187-SF home in west Little Rock’s Chenal Downs neighborhood rang up an $850,000 sale.

William Davis acquired the house from Curtis Lowery Jr. and his wife, Ellen. The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $548,250 from Encore Bank of Little Rock.

The five-acre site was bought for $145,000 in December 1998 from Deltic Timber Corp. of El Dorado.

Steel Bend Estates

A 6,577-SF home in Steel Bend Estates near Scott is under new ownership after an $815,000 deal.

David and Wendy Foster purchased the house from Albert Morris Jr. and his wife, Paula. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $815,000 from Bank of America in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Morrises acquired the 10.84acre site for $79,000 in November 1989 from Steel Bend Development Inc., led by Byron McKimmey.

Hickory Pointe

A 4,462-SF home in the Hickory Pointe neighborhood of west Little Rock drew a $780,000 transaction.

Jay and Heather Geoghagan bought the house from Dewey and Cathy Freeman. The deal is backed with a 10-year loan of $430,000 from BancorpSouth Bank of Tupelo, Mississippi.

The Freemans purchased the residence for $625,000 in October 2004 from Billy Hartness Construction Inc.

River Ridge Pointe

A 4,568-SF home in Little Rock’s River Ridge Pointe neighborhood sold for $749,000.

William and Susan Ford acquired the house from Larry Bates. The deal is funded with a 15-year loan of $199,000 from Simmons Bank.

The residence was bought in May 2015 for $620,000 from Cheryl Friday and Brenda Jones.

Accadia Court

A 3,135-SF home in west Little Rock’s Accadia Court neighborhood changed hands in a $709,900 deal.

Ray Lozada and Stacey Clark purchased the house from Michael Allwine. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $429,900 from Arvest Bank.

Allwine acquired the residence for $546,500 in November 2020 from Robert Woller.

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