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Meeting Market Demand with SMART Reproduction Services

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You could say the idea for her business came to Brittany Scott in her sleep, or lack of it.

Jonesboro-based SMART Reproduction Services is a woman-owned biotech company specializing in small ruminant germplasm and live animal export and is the first company in the industry to hold United Kingdom and European Union export certification.

Scott earned her master’s from Louisiana State University in 2011, and in 2013 she helped co-found a reproductive physiology company focused on the domestic market, which sent her around the country helping livestock breeders further their genetic programs. The company expanded in 2017.

Scott was torn between having a career and her desire to be a loving, present parent. It was during a bout of pregnancy-related insomnia that she hit on a business model that would bring customers to her and meet the organic market demand from international breeders for U.S.-bred sheep and goat genetics, some of the most productive in the world.

She worked with the USDA to create the framework for exporting these products and founded SMART Reproduction in 2021 to showcase the genetics internationally.

With a diverse staff of eight working at its biosecure, USDA-approved facility, SMART Reproduction collects and cryopreserves sheep and goat semen and embryos for a wide variety of international buyers.

Despite its international presence, Scott said SMART Reproduction is proud to call Jonesboro and northeast Arkansas home and is planning to relocate to a larger property to expand services and production.

What are some of the highlights of what your company does?

All products created are collected, processed and stored according to the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) standards and are based on the most recent scientific and technical information. We maintain top-quality meat, dairy and fiber sires at the center for private, NGO and governmental contract breed-up program fulfillment.

In addition to servicing the global germplasm market, our multilingual staff also manages and provides a full spectrum of related services. These include animal sourcing and procurement for traditional live animal export projects, coordinating genetic and biosecurity testing of potential project animals and shipment of germplasm. In addition, our center provides training and consulting on small ruminant health and reproductive physiology in person and in-country.

For our domestic clients, small and large ruminant germplasm import services are available. These genetics create opportunities for U.S. sheep and goat breeders to expand and improve their herds.

What is unique about your staff?

We value diversity in all its forms and believe it brings strength and creativity to the company. The varied composition of our team highlights this motto through our Brazilian-born Latin American sales coordinator, U.S. Air Force veteran grant writer and working mothers with small children filling the majority of our positions. In addition, our current project manager’s location in Kenya and her non-Eurocentric viewpoint are incredibly valuable as our company expands its market share into Africa.

Who is your customer base?

We supply a product that appeals to private clients for their goals of herd improvement and, in turn, is a needed component to achieve far-reaching and impactful goals of governments and NGOs. Our frozen products and training modules are readily applied in the public sector as a component in nationwide bred-up programs that meaningfully reduce childhood hunger, economically empower marginalized populations and build climate change-resilient food production systems.

What are some highlights of your company’s growth?

In 2021, I faced the reality of building a specialized facility from the ground up. This situation included the required physical structures and hiring new staff.

I saw this as a twofold challenge to meet the highest tier of animal husbandry and welfare and to attract and engage staff passionate about creating positive change worldwide.

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