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Municipal League Buys Elbow Room for $2.2M (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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Land for a future office expansion in downtown North Little Rock weighed in at $2.2 million.

The Arkansas Municipal League, led by Mark Hayes, acquired a 2.4-acre parcel at the southwest corner of Broadway and Maple Street from Maple Holdings LLC, led by Greg Nabholz.

Maple Holdings bought the property for $1.9 million in September 2005 from Rye Wholesale Furniture Co., led by Stanley Bradshaw Jr.

Big Fish Land

A 1.98-acre commercial site in south Little Rock tipped the scales at $1.16 million.

Big Fish Investments LLC, led by Rodney Thomason and Amanda Short, purchased the land near the southwest corner of Otter Creek Road and the Interstate 30 Frontage Road from Quiktrip Corp. of Tulsa.

The convenience store chain acquired the land in January 2020 as part of an $8.5 million deal with Fletcher Realty LLC, led by Frank Fletcher.

Multifamily Buy

A 26-unit apartment complex in Little Rock drew a $1 million transaction.

TCB Investments LLC, led by Brian Teeter, Alex Craig and Jamie Hoffman, bought Orleans Square Apartments at 1801 Georgia St.

The sellers are Stephen and Debra Morrison. The deal is financed with a 20-year loan of $1 million from Citizens Bank of Batesville. The 0.69-acre development was purchased for $525,000 in May 1997 from Warren Stephenson.

Convenient Purchase I

A 2,238-SF convenience store in Jacksonville sold for $765,000.

Stark Investment LLC, led by Sulaiman Hudda and Rahim Juda, acquired the T Ricks Citgo at 120 Marshall Road.

The seller is MJ International LLC, led by Mijung Jeon. The deal is backed with a three-year loan of $582,250 from First Community Bank of Batesville.

The 0.65-acre development was bought for $650,000 in July 2016 from Mid-State Distributing Inc., led by Khairunissa Mandani.

Convenient Purchase II

A 1,925-SF convenience store in North Little Rock changed hands in a $495,154 deal.

Golap Talukdar purchased the AGC Food Mart at 2910 E. Broadway from Arkansas Group of C Stores #2 LLC of Collierville, Tennessee. The seller provided a $255,166 mortgage to fund the deal.

The 0.52-acre development was acquired for $525,000 in August 2015 from Savings Inc. of Tupelo, Mississippi.

Submission Transaction

An 8,000-SF showroom-warehouse in downtown Little Rock is under new ownership after a $435,000 transaction.

Submission Holdings LLC, led by Rolando Delgado and Douglas Hamilton, bought the 804 Izard St. project.

The seller is Haybar Properties LLC, led by Bryan Hosto.

The deal is financed with a 10-year loan of $369,750 from Encore Bank of Little Rock.

Haybar purchased the 0.32-acre development in July 2020 as part of a $925,000 deal with Trahin WF LLC, led by Leslye Shellam.

Splash Land

A 0.63-acre commercial parcel in Maumelle rang up a $250,250 sale.

Splash Maumelle EOL LLC, led by Drew Holbert, acquired the land near the northwest corner of Audubon Drive and Maumelle Boulevard.

The seller is Maumelle Big Box LLC, led by Robert and Lisa Stagg.

The property was purchased in December 2020 as part of a $2.5 million deal with Maumelle WMT LLC, led by Isaac Smith.

Bretagne Circle

A 5,984-SF home in west Little Rock’s Bretagne Circle neighborhood drew a $950,000 transaction.

Michael and Olivia Enderlin bought the house from the Beshenich Family Revocable Trust, led by Charles and Sara Beshenich.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $760,000 from Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

The Beshenichs acquired the residence for nearly $1.2 million in Feb-ruary 2006 from David Pickering Jr. and Allyson Pickering.

Bella Rosa Estates

A 4,996-SF home in west Little Rock’s Bella Rosa Estates neighborhood sold for $790,000. Srikant Das purchased the house from Lamay-O Inc., led by William Martin Jr.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $798,508 from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville. The location was bought for $163,000 in February 2013 from Steve and Missy Wortman.

Lamarche Place

A 5,067-SF home in west Little Rock’s Lamarche Place neighborhood changed hands in a $677,000 deal.

Chris and Jaime Coleman acquired the house from Jasen and Thuy Chi.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $529,600 from Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. The Chis acquired the residence for $621,000 in December 2006 from George Jenkins Jr.

Ensbury Place

A 3,551-SF home in west Little Rock’s Ensbury Place neighborhood rang up a $651,000 sale.

Davy and Shelley Thompson purchased the house from Donna and Shelly Warmack. The deal is financed with a 30-year loan of $443,800 from Arvest.

The Warmacks bought the residence for $535,000 in August 2017 from Karen James Custom Homes Inc.

Scenic Heights

A 3,245-SF home in Little Rock’s Scenic Heights neighborhood is under new ownership after a $595,000 deal.

Philip and Diana Brandon acquired the house from Kelly and Robert Jackson.

The Jacksons purchased the residence for $329,000 in April 2002 from Maybian Sloan.

Kingwood Place

A 3,667-SF home in Little Rock’s Kingwood Place neighborhood sold for $525,000.

Carol Mendel bought the house from the Alan & Lisa Hope Living Trust.

The Hopes acquired the residence for $107,000 in March 1991 from Randolph and Sarah Hopkins.

The Ranch

A 3,791-SF home in The Ranch neighborhood of west Little Rock sold for $598,500.

The Booth Joint Revocable Trust, led by Steven and Jennifer Booth, acquired the residence from Thomas Herr.

The house was purchased for $430,000 in October 2018 from M.J. Herr Inc., led by Mary Herr.

High-Rise Abode

A 1,563-SF condominium in downtown Little Rock drew a $580,000 transaction.

Jefferson and Theresa Stalnaker bought the 14th-floor unit in the River Market Tower from John and Kay Tatum. The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $522,000 from Gateway Mortgage Group of Jenks, Oklahoma.

The Tatums acquired the space for $93,000 in May 2016 from RMT II LLC, led by Jimmy Moses and Rett Tucker.

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