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NLR Whataburger Rings Up $4M Sale (Real Deals)Lock Icon

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A 1.87-acre Whataburger development in North Little Rock weighed in at $4 million.

Wong Survivors Trust and the Wong GST Non-Exempt Marital Trust of Pasadena, California, led by Shiangling and Frank Wong, bought the 13401 Crystal Hill Road project.

The seller is CypressLandingQSR3 LLC, led by Rickey Wilson. The limited liability company purchased the site nine months ago as part of an $800,000 deal with Lilac LLC, led by Andy Collins.

The property had been owned by the Justin Matthews family for more than 100 years. Lilac represents a big branch of the family tree.

NLR Acreage

The assembly of industrial land in North Little Rock tipped the scales at $1.51 million.

Spicewood Campbell Reverse LLC, an affiliate of Conway’s Nabholz Industrial Services, acquired a 146.34-acre tract near the northeast corner of U.S. 165 and Campbell Road for $886,254.

The seller is Star Enterprises LLLP, led by Gary Cummins.

Spicewood Campbell purchased an adjoining 17.33-acre tract at the northeast corner of U.S. 165 and Campbell Road for $633,000 from Spicewood Services LLC of Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Star Enterprises recovered its property from Ideal Solutions Inc. of Sacramento, California, at a $650,000 foreclosure action in July 2008. Ideal bought the land from Star Enterprises for $982,000 in August 2006.

Spicewood Services acquired its land for $131,000 in January 1999 from the Valentine Trust, representing the heirs of Margaret Valentine.

Elementary Purchase

A 31,245-SF school in west Little Rock sold for $950,000.

AMS Properties-Arkansas LLC, an affiliate of Academies of Math & Science in Tempe, Arizona, purchased the David O. Dodd Elementary School at 6423 Stagecoach Road from the Little Rock School District of Pulaski County.

The 7.3-acre school property was assembled in four deals totaling more than $237,000. The sellers were J.T. and Julie Abraham, $1,800 in December 1927; E.L. and Carrol Heffley, $85,000 in August 2008; Entropy Systems Inc., led by Imra Bohra, an undisclosed sum in October 2008; and Rognrud Living Trust, led by Eugenie Rognrud, $150,000 in December 2008.

Girl Scouts Land

A 31.15-acre tract in west Little Rock drew a $200,000 transaction.

ALC Estate LLC, led by Solomon Mogbo, acquired the land north of Stagecoach Road, a half-mile west of Interstate 430. The seller is Girl Scouts-Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas, led by Dawn Prasifka.

The Girl Scouts gained ownership of the property in December 2002 from Ann Henry and her husband, Robert, for an unrecorded sum.

Cliffewood Abode

A 5,040-SF house in Little Rock’s Cliffewood neighborhood weighed in at $1.4 million. Ryan and Shannon Dare bought the house from George Easley Jr. and his wife, Camille.

The deal is financed with a 30-year loan from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

The Easleys acquired the residence for $749,000 in August 2021 from Sharla Massey.

Heights Home

A 3,382-SF home in the Heights area of Little Rock and adjoining land combined for a $1.25 million deal.

George Makris Jr. and his wife, Deborah, purchased the house for $975,000 from George Makris III and a neighboring 0.11-acre parcel for $275,000 from Makris and his wife, Caroline.

The residence was acquired for $735,000 in February 2016 from Michael and Michelle Mantuano. The parcel was bought for $250,000 in April 2017 from the estate of Lee Murchison.

Pleasant Valley

A 4,222-SF home in west Little Rock’s Pleasant Valley neighborhood rang up an $866,000 sale. Vahid and Shanna Lynn Tabibzadeh acquired the house from the Pate & Jeanette Pearson Revocable Trust.

The deal is backed with a 30-year loan of $692,800 from First Horizon Bank of Memphis.

The Pearsons purchased the residence for $210,000 in April 1983 from B.E. and Jane Porter.

Mountain Crest Estates

A 4,699-SF home in the Mountain Crest Estates neighborhood north of Maumelle changed hands in an $803,900 deal.

Demarea Dixson bought the house from Christopher and Kristin Nelson.

The deal is funded with a 30-year loan of $800,000 from United Wholesale Mortgage LLC of Pontiac, Michigan.

The 1.11-acre site was acquired for $115,000 in July 2019 from Deanna Walton.

The Estates Buy

Fawad and Bilquees Walajahi paid $1.15 million for a 5,047-SF home in The Estates neighborhood of west Little Rock.

The seller is Rhea Middleton.

The residence was purchased for $1 million in October 2004 from The Lacelle Trust, led by Barksdale McKay.

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