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Nonprofit Group Takes a Lick on Hanger Hill Properties

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The proposed site for a nonprofit campus in downtown Little Rock was recycled in a $1.5 million transaction.

One Financial Centre Ltd. LLLP, led by Catherine Hastings Owen, bought the 6.5-acre spread from Little Rock’s World Services for the Blind Inc.

The property lies between College Street on the east, Eighth Street on the south, Collins Street on the west and Sixth Street on the north.

The land and buildings previously were tied to December 2010 mortgages of $1.37 million held by Metropolitan National Bank of Little Rock and $600,000 held by the Michael E. Barrow Revocable Trust.

The nonprofit, formerly known as Lions World Services for the Blind, assembled the property in 29 transactions totaling more than $3.7 million.

The biggest month of activity was November 2004, with 14 deals totaling more than $2.2 million. The sellers were:

  • Michael E. Barrow Revocable Trust, $750,000
  • J.A.P. Corp., led by Margaret McEntire, $430,000
  • Bryan and Sherrill Hosto, $305,000
  • Isaac and Bernice Knight, $143,000
  • Everline and Early Tolbert, Vickie and Michael Owney, Sharon and Rodney Nowden, Billie Jean Molden Jr., Cherry Lynn Molden, Otis Morgan, Vanesa Jackson and Kimberly and Kathleen Kenney, $110,000
  • Charles and Johnnie Grider, $110,000
  • Terry and Cynthia Johnson, $92,000
  • Finis and Glynnis Williams, $60,000
  • Rainwater Properties LLC, led by Bryan Hosto, $53,000
  • Larry Griffo Sr., $42,000
  • Josie Robinson, $35,000
  • Goff Property Management LLC, led by Richard Goff, $32,000
  • Haybar Inc., led by Bryan Hosto, $30,000
  • Herman Loescher, $22,000.

Seven more deals totaling $1 million followed in December 2004. The sellers were:

  • Charles and Gayle Calver, $648,000
  • Gordon Rather Jr. and his wife, Hayden, $220,000
  • Johnny Keith Ashcraft, $47,000
  • Richard and Carolyn Smith, $33,000
  • William Francis Jr. and his wife, Phyllis, $25,000
  • Bernice and Isaac Knight, $22,000
  • the Ethelyne Tillbrooks Williams Trust, $15,000.

Rounding out the assembly process were eight deals totaling $545,000. The sellers were:

  • Robert Best, $62,000 in October 2004
  • Bobby and Aurora Franklin, $70,000 in January 2005
  • Haybar Properties LLC, led by Bryan Hosto, $79,000 in May 2005
  • Lewis Kendrick Sr. and his wife, Gwendolyn, $77,000 in July 2005
  • John and Suzanne Best, $45,000 in September 2005
  • Mary Berg, $55,000 in November 2005
  • Johnnie Gupton, $105,000 in January 2010
  • Haybar Properties LLC, $52,000 in April 2010.
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