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NWA Clothing Company Fayettechill Moves to Rustic Setting

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Fayettechill Clothing Co., a producer of outdoor apparel and accessories, has moved the bulk of its operations to a repurposed three-story smokehouse at the foot of Mount Kessler in Fayetteville.

The 4-year-old company has set up shop on the second floor of the 18,000-SF Ozark Mountain Smokehouse. According to Devin O’Dea, Fayettechill vice president of development, he and his co-workers won’t be leaving the “unique, gritty” setting anytime soon.

O’Dea said Fayettechill has developed a close relationship with the building’s owner, Frank Sharp, of Fayetteville, that began with a mutual love for the Ozarks. Sharp grew up on Mount Kessler, built the smokehouse in 1976 and now works to preserve the area for future generations.

Since it signed a multiple-year lease in February, Fayettechill has contributed to a number of local improvements, including trail signs to guide hikers around Mount Kessler.

Sharp’s description of his property shows why the smokehouse is such a great fit for a trail-blazing company like Fayettechill: “10 minutes and you can be in the woods, or 10 minutes and you can be on Dickson Street,” Fayetteville’s entertainment district.

The second floor of the smokehouse, which serves as Fayettechill’s warehouse and office space, is staffed by 11 of the company’s 15 full-time employees. The other four work at the Basecamp, Fayettechill’s brick-and-mortar store at 329B N. West Ave. in Fayetteville. Screen printing and minor customization of Fayettechill’s products also take place in northwest Arkansas.

The company’s move to the smokehouse coincides with expanded product offerings and record revenue. O’Dea said Fayettechill’s upcoming fall/winter clothing line, scheduled to debut in early September, is the company’s largest yet. Mo Elliot, president of Fayettechill, said monthly sales have tripled when compared with last year’s figures, resulting in a conservative projection of $1.4 million in revenue for 2013.

Success hasn’t forced Fayettechill to abandon its laid-back culture. When employees feel the need to reconnect with nature, they can step outside the smokehouse and skate in a newly constructed half-pipe or bike the trails that snake up Mount Kessler.

A company flyer aptly summarizes the move to the smokehouse: “… Fayettechill has found a new home, and we’re just getting started in turning it into our playground.”

For more information on Fayettechill and its products, go to Shop.Fayettechill.com or call (479) 283-1484.

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