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People Are The Compass That Guides Leadership Greater Little Rock

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Our community offers tremendous opportunities to flex our leadership muscles, serve, and meet the needs of others. There is one program that sets itself apart from all others — Leadership Greater Little Rock (LGLR). LGLR invests in candidates and alumni desiring to be better leaders or future leaders in our city. Harvey S. Firestone noted that “the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership,” and in that vein, LGLR introduces diversified programs that highlight the history of Little Rock, economic development, legislation, military support, education and so on.

Each session is packed full of information to help the participants view and examine current issues while allowing them to choose their area of passion, service or personal growth.

LGLR is also an invaluable investment for employers, civic organizations and families. What is learned in each class can have a profound effect on each candidate’s life. I was fortunate to be a graduate of Class XV, Curriculum Chair for Class XXX and now Chair of Class XXXI. I’m grateful to my employer, OneBanc, for allowing me to serve the last two years in a direct leadership role. Your generosity with my work time has empowered me to grow beyond my expectations so that I can be a better employee and leader for you.

Steven R. Covey said, “in today’s world, what is needed is a compass.” Dr. Bo Thomas, author and presenter at a past class retreat, agrees with Covey and states, “an accurate map is a good management tool, but a compass is a leadership and empowerment tool. “

I’ve had a few people guide me on my journey and their compasses have always pointed me in the right direction. It’s been a privilege to serve alongside two left-handed lawyers in the past two years. Last year, J.T. Ferstl, Class XXX Chair, patiently utilized his appraisal and techie skills to automate my relentless note taking and list making. This year, Judge Jay Moody served as Class XXXI Curriculum Chair. Jay kept us all even and steady with an occasional story to illustrate a point or two. Jay, I’m grateful for your unconditional support, thoughtful insight and wicked sense of humor!

Finally, Judy Love has been instrumental and highly influential to me since Class XV. She personifies leadership as a worker bee, is aware of any potential influences with decisions that are made and thinks through every single detail of any meeting, class session or LGLR event. Judy, you are truly hospitable and unselfish as you have allowed nearly 1,500 people to claim that they are your favorite! King Solomon even acknowledges that “many women do noble things, but you, Judy Love, surpass them all.”

LGLR is not possible without the monetary investment of our sponsors or the time investment of our session leaders and presenters. Thank you to the Little Rock Regional Chamber for providing this program and encouraging participation by anyone in the community, regardless of Chamber affiliation.

Congratulations Class XXXI! Each of you is absolutely incredible! You are a diverse and dynamic group who put your whole heart into each session. You challenge the norm, push the envelope, and think outside any potential boundary to offer your talents, time and money — including scholarships for the next class — to benefit the community. You are to be commended. Now go forth and do good.

Kelly Brown
Class XXXI Chairman

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