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Potlatch Parcel, Pinnacle Valley Plaza Lead Recent PurchasesLock Icon

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Seven Digit Deals Bella Casa 128704
<p><em> </em></p> ( Chenal Properties)

► Bella Casa LLC, led by Terry Fleming, bought a nearly 5.9-acre site at the southwest corner of Chenal Parkway and St. Vincent Way for $3.7 million.

Seller? PotlatchDeltic Real Estate LLC, an affiliate of PotlatchDeltic of Spokane, Washington.

► Doug Brandon Properties Inc., led by Elizabeth Brandon, sold the 28,344-SF Pinnacle Valley Plaza at 14710 Cantrell Road for nearly $2.4 million.

Buyer: Steve Key Will Greene LLC, led by Stuart Mackey.

Seven Digit Deals Pinnacle Plaza 128704
Pinnacle Valley Plaza at 14710 Cantrell Road in Little Rock. ( Coldwell Banker)

► RDF Little Rock LLC of Amarillo, Texas, purchased the 74,040-SF O’Neal Steel facility at 8100 Frazier Pike in the Little Rock Port Industrial Park for $2.2 million from OSC Little Rock LLC of Kansas City, Missouri.

Seven Digit Deals Oneal Steel 128704
O'Neal Steel at 8100 Frazier Pike in Little Rock. ( Google Maps)

► Mid Corp Investments LLC, led by Mark Middleton, sold the 34,082-SF N&D Technical Services facility at 8717 Stagecoach Road in Little Rock for nearly $2 million.

Buyer? Standard Properties LLC, led by David Gulley.

Seven Digit Deals 10212019 128704
8717 Stagecoach Road in Little Rock. <em>Parcel dimensions are approximate.</em> ( Google Earth)

► Spirit Master Funding X LLC, an affiliate of Store Capital of Scottsdale, Arizona, acquired the 8,320-SF Family Dollar at 715 E. Broadway in North Little Rock.

Seller: ARC FD34PCK001 LLC, an affiliate of American Realty Capital of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, for more than $1.2 million.

Seven Digit Deals Family Dollar 128704
Family Dollar at 715 E. Broadway St. in North Little Rock. ( Google Maps)

Seven-Digit Construction

The Pointe North Hills Apartment Expansion    $5,000,000
3016 & 3036 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock
Richardson Builders LLC, North Little Rock

New CGI Office    $2,237,000
40 Rahling Circle, Little Rock
Flynco Inc., Little Rock

New Home    $1,900,000
38 Greathouse Bend, Little Rock
Farris Custom Homes Inc., Maumelle

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